• Feel like going on an impromptu vacation? Pack the bags, get the GPS, enter the destination and off we go! 

    That was easy, wasn’t it?

    Wish you had a similar GPS to decide what’s next after 14 years of schooling?

    Not to worry, there is one.

    Successful musicians, athletes, craftsmen, designers, programmers, physicians etc., all started small, experimented many, honed a few, gave their ALL to be the best at one skill and made a career out of that. What’s yours?

    Come ‘Discover Your Way’. Welcome to Velammal GPS – a unique set of After School Programs to help you ‘Discover your way’.


  • 1. RHYTHMIX (Instrumental music training in Violin or Guitar or Flute or Harmonica)

    Beethovens are seldom born. They are made!

    Transform your love for music by learning to play an instrument of your choice. Fine-tune your hearing – enhance skills needed for education and social interaction; Develop coordination and motor skills – instruments require movement of the hands, arms, and feet; Develop ambidexterity; Enhance coordination and perfecting timing; Delayed gratification – Practice makes perfect.

    Try a note, try RHYTHMIX.

    2. VARNA (Drawing & Coloring Program)

    “A picture is worth a thousand words”. [When you draw an object, the mind becomes deeply, intensely attentive, says the designer Milton Glaser, an author of a 2008 monograph titled Drawing Is Thinking].

    VARNA – a program designed to mindfully engage in a universal form of expression; be creative; shape imaginations; aide in emotional restoration; or just have fun!

    Let’s add VARNA to your day, life.

    3. SCULPTECHI (Clay Molding/Sculpting)

    Let your sensory experiences go from oh! to uh-oh! to yay! with Sculptechi.

    A program that introduces you to clay art, hand building techniques, crafting techniques, creating figures and shapes using the different tools.

    Experience clay as a material with its necessity to be touched (oh!); learn to repair mistakes and therefore not be afraid to make them (uh-oh!); be in charge and have influence over the medium as it is quick to respond to our fingers. The feeling that we are in command of the clay gives the confidence to attempt any project which opens the door to greater self expression and imagination (yay!).

    4. I Click, I Flick (Media & Communication)

    Curious on how a photo, interview, video or film is shot? Tried one and did not get that professional touch?

    Learn to visually communicate with I Click, I Flick – A program designed to train you on tools & techniques to visually record and disseminate your observations, thoughts, societal issues, passion, future – your imagination is your limit.

    If you imagine building a future in this field or just curious, come give it your BEST SHOT.

  • 5. GAMIFUN

    Learning by playing? Are you kidding me?

    GAMIFUN – a program designed using Seppo, a Finland-based authoring tool for creating educational games. Step-by-step, day-by-day, learn how to gamify your lessons. Play it with your pals. Fuel your competitive spirit.

    Exam time? Not to worry. Play harder! Come on, let’s have GAMIFUN.

    6. VOLDEP

    1D, 2D, 3D – Wait! This is not a math class. VOLDEP (The third ‘D’ in 3D- Volume & Depth) – a program designed using 3D Bear, a Finland-based company, that helps children create and design using new 3D technologies, including 3D printing, augmented reality and virtual reality.

    Can a building be spherical? Can an airplane be boxy? Can I have a 6th finger added? Can I make my own tooth? – Yes. You can. Just 3D Print it.


    Emergency? Dial 911. Wait! We are not in USA. If I were a doctor or knew the basics of first aid, what a saving grace it would have been?

    Budding Physicians – a program designed to make students understand the importance of basic life support, good & healthy living. Delivered in 3 categories namely, Health Education, Hygiene & Nutrition, Basic Life support. Come let’s help the sapiens when they need us the most!