About Velammal
  • Built on the proven track record of the UK based Cambridge Assessment and International Education and led by internationally experienced Heads of School, our flexible program deeply engages all stakeholders with individualized student learning, thoughtful use of technology and a wide range of enrichment programs. Set in a safe, student friendly environment, learners will be guided to “discover their way” to the future.


    • An in-theory, in-practice program following the internationally renowned Cambridge curriculum
    • A program that helps develop a global-mindset through flexible and galvanized learning
    • Delivered in student-friendly, comfortable environments with modern amenities
    • Thoughtful use of technology to individualize learning for each student, guiding them on the path to “discover their way” to the future
  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

  • Velammal Global School, #46, Ambattur – Redhills Road,  Puzhal, Chennai-600066.
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