Velammal Yogalaya

We are living in a materialistic world that is competitive and if we need to survive the stressful life that awaits us we need to find ways and means to fight it. The student needs an outlet to unwind and relax. Yoga is an effective tool that would help us cast out stress and keeps us healthy.

Yoga is very popular all over the world and people are amazed at this sport because yoga is good for health and life. It is also believed that Yoga helps effectively in curing diseases and anti-aging.

Velammal believes that the best age to start practicing in this crucial domain is before adolescence. The students of Velammal right from their young age are encouraged to practise this universally acclaimed Indian art for wellness. It is this and noble idea in mind we are commissioning Velammal Yogalaya to help our children both master the art of yoga and reap the benefits that are showered by this holy art. Students will be trained by experts and evaluated and certified by none other than the one and only one authority, Dr.Asana Andiappan

Life Time Benefits of Practising Yogasanas:

 It increases Longevity
 It Promotes Memory
 It makes the mind Satwic
 It gives Vitality
 It Promotes Health
 It makes the body beautiful
 It cures all diseases
 It is Antinode to Laziness and Lethargy
 It gives peace of mind
 It maintains the youth appearance of the body
 It prevents obesity
 It strengthens the body and many more benefits

The students of Velammal Yogalaya are participating in several Yoga camps and proved their distinctions in this filed by winning various prestigious medals and prizes.

Yoga Course Level:
  1. Basic Yoga Course
  2. Intermediate Yoga Course
  3. Advanced Yoga Course