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Reengineering schools to create global citizens

Velammal New-Gen School (VNGS) is a progressive initiative of the Velammal Educational Network deliveringwith an aim to deliver CBSE with internationally followed educational practices. VNGS is poised to set a new trend in the paradigms of contemporary learning.

Designed based on the concept of spatial and intellectual liberation, the child and mentor break free from the cells and bells model to engage in meaningful authentic learning experiences.The emergent need to adopt a social climate conducive to progressive education necessitates the non-debatable need to engage learner actively and with the right environment.We have created a multiple learning setting that reconfigure classrooms and hallways to suit this multimodal approach. Learning should not limited to classroom alone but should extend beyond classrooms across countries and cultures. We need to adapt to the changing needs of world of work and life

Velammal Global School will be a unique learning experience for your child.

Let your child be a part of this great learning revolution.