Velammal Education Trust is built by a tradition of educational excellence that mouldsthe nexgneration learners to face life squarely with an air of confidence. We are well known for our effort to keep up with the latest in Education. Our constant and progressive search to give the best to the parents and students does not allow us to rest in our laurels. Students at our school enjoy llearning. They excel academically, in sports, in music and performing and creative arts as well as in a range of cultural and social activities. The school is a fun place to learn, lo be challenged and to exceed expectations.

A good education system is one that cares not only about what you learn, but also how you also learn. Our children belong to a digitally smart generation. We need to create an ecosystem wherein we can accommodate what they know and build on it. Velammal Global School true to its name is not a ‘cells and bells’ school. It is a school where the environment will drive the learning. It is a system where in different learning modalities will encourage participation of every one in the process of learning

Molding your child to become a global citizen in every sense is our vision. We aspire to integrate 21st Century skills right across the curriculum. I believe our appeal as a school rests in our strong sense of community, the values we celebrate, our commitment to realizing the abilities of young people, and providing a balanced education that addresses the academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our students' lives.

The relationships built between the students and students and facilitators make even the starters to have a sense of belonging and the feeling of being present in the classroom on a daily basis. They want to come without fail and share all they learn at home with the help of their parents and elders. The thirst for learning along with their peers and educators drives them to our school.

MVM Velmurugan

CEO, Velammal Educational Trust