logo Chairman's Message

Even with my humble beginning, I have always believed I could create such a large institution with 77,000 students and 10,000 staff members.
The question that always come to my mind is that, If I can succeed, can I make my students as successful as me.

My answer to this question is always “ YES”. To achieve success, my belief is dream big, think differently, focus intensely, work consistently
and learn from the past failures. So, we play a vital role in making successful global champions .All that we expect from our Velammal parents
is to do a continuous follow up of their children’s progress in all their endeavors.

In this age of competition, children are achieving very high distinctions, but the greatest support they require from the parents is instilling
human values, Indian culture, the secret of hard work and achieving ethical success thus creating a happy and successful life. This can be
done only by parents and the institution. We are ready. I hope you are ready too.

Come let us start this unique journey together.

M V Muthuramalingam,


Velammal Educational Trust.